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“You have to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you. – Andy Warhol

Maybe you already think you do this. That’s how I felt at first. Sunsets. Well, I always enjoy a good sunset. Flawless blue skies. Actually, that usually fascinates me, too (Like today!).

It takes someone like Warhol (Hello, a soup can?!) to remind us of something so simple. Think outside the box, in this case. A sunset doesn’t ordinarily bore me, nor do flawless blue skies.

In a way, I took this quote as a form of practice. I began searching for things that I would ordinarily overlook, but to take an interest in them. I started with classical music. I have so many classical songs on my iTunes, and they usually just serve as background noise. But sometimes I actually stop and listen.

I took a walk today and stopped to admire the snow, glistening in a spring-like sun. It’s easy to begin ignoring the beauty of snow when you are dealing with it on a daily basis.

So here are two things that I allowed to thrill me and consume my attention for a few minutes extra. I’m still a long way from seeing a soup can and finding excitement in that object, but we all need a starting place. And if all this quote does is remind me to live in the moment and appreciate my surroundings, that is a win nonetheless.

A "Warhol" of a 1913 coin, on display at the Phoenix Art Museum

A “Warhol” of a 1913 coin, on display at the Phoenix Art Museum