We are now into the second month of 2013. It’s time to be honest with ourselves. Of all those New Year’s Resolutions tacked above the desk, how many are being met?


The cold weather is still my excuse not to work out (and I don’t even bother with one for why I don’t do anything indoors), my diet plan consists of “anything I feel like eating,” and I have yet to even look at the selection on my bookshelf. In all, my resolutions were cast aside before I even wrote them down.

Every year in January, people create these invigorating lists of ways to improve their lives. And much of the time, if they aren’t routine by the end of the month, they’re simply forgotten.

2013 does not have to be that way.

This image reminded me that February is a new month. So recreate that list. Edit it to be more practical and simple (and do so every month if you must!). This month, don’t give up after a fumble or two. You have all the reason to stick with it.