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It wasn’t until senior year of college that Pinterest finally entered my life. My roommate would sometimes show me the cute outfits or crafty projects she found. One evening, she suggested I try it out and sent me an invitation.

Within 24 hours, I had two rows of boards and a handful of pins on each. A friend told me it was about time I created a Pinterest, because, she said, “It was made for you!” And in all honesty, it was.

It’s no coincidence that I decided to study journalism. From an early age, I was fascinated by the glossy pages of magazines and their colorful spreads. For as high as my stack of magazines is, I have a significant stash of clippings as well. If I was done with an issue except one story, I would rip it out for later. And most of all, I was obsessed with the high fashion advertisements in Vogue and Vanity Fair and the edgier ads in Nylon—all which plastered my dorm walls throughout college.

Thought long and hard about which glossies would plaster my freshman dorm walls. Here's one angle!

Thought long and hard about which glossies would plaster my freshman dorm walls. Here’s one angle!

Not only is Pinterest a place to save the stories and spreads I most want to refer back to, but it is an introduction to new worlds of travel, the hottest trends in fashion and unique entertaining options. I now follow more blogs and read more news stories, because an image or caption intrigued me. And, surprisingly, my knowledge on certain subjects has increased, even if mainly just fitness and fashion. Hey, I didn’t even know who Iris Apfel was, or Poppy Delevingne, and now they’re two of my style icons!

As I delved deeper into my obsession of organizing my entire life my pictures, I slowly began adding new boards. What began as fashion, food, magazine editorial and travel has now expanded much further: nature, crafts, celebrities, the catwalk, places I’ve been, photography, architecture and more.

Some of my boards on Pinterest

Some of my boards on Pinterest

Now that I clearly have a favorite new activity and a place to feed my inspiration for all aspects of my life, it’s hard to stay away. The more time I spend on Pinterest, the more inspired I am to get organized and try new things. But really, what I would give to make perusing Pinterest become my job!

Amuse me… check out my Pinterest!

Pinned {relevant} Blake Lively pics so she'd be the cover of every board... just to see if I could.

Pinned {relevant} Blake Lively pics so she’d be the cover of every board… just to see if I could #nerd