Over the summer, a couple of my good friends got together to write and shoot a short film. Director Sam Stefanak just posted the trailer for Super Saver on YouTube, and it looks amazing so far!

I was very impressed by my friends’ filming process. While they easily could have gotten some buddies to fill the roles, they decided to keep it professional. Public auditions were held, they used Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds (watch their promotional video. It’s hilarious!), and they rented out a local grocery store after hours so they could shoot on location.

On the last day of filming, I stopped by the set. For someone who does not know much about filming, I was again impressed. Stefanak and his team rented professional sound and lighting equipment. They even had a dolly to get those smooth, moving shots that really make a film look great.

Post production has now begun and the film should be ready to premiere in December. Until then, check out the trailer above. What do you think?