When I was working with Thread magazine, one of my first pitches was for an animal-themed shoot. And if we could have models posing with lions, tigers and bears, all the better. Alright, wild animals were obviously was not a possibility.

My original inspiration came from a Valentino ad campaign, which led me to so much more—diamond leopard brooches, feather prints, lush fur coats.

Since my time on Pinterest (I started late, but oh have I made up for it!), a general admiration of animal prints has become all the more evident. The increased popularity of street style photography, specifically during Fashion Week around the globe, also shows us humble blog readers a certain animal instinct among top fashion editors and models.

My first pitch never made it to the pages of Thread with the same vision I started with, but the stray leopard print or scarab ring often dappled our pages. As my zeal for the wild things of fashion grows ever fonder, here is a small collection of the styles that catch my eye.

Seeing spots

Mix ‘n’ match your prints

Gorgeous feather print from Valentino Fall 2011 RTW

Floral print plus leopard? Welcome to the jungle!

Rose Burne taps into her wild side

Show your stripes!

Francesco Scognamiglio Resort 2013 marks another season for the trend

Cartier adorns wild things in jewels

Miss Moss always knows how to rock a print

The Duchess of Windsor (Wallis Simpson) commissioned this diamond, onyx and emerald panther bracelet by Cartier in 1952

For good measure, some gorgeous swans.