As I pack my bags for an extended Labor Day trip to Arizona, I can’t help but feel this really is the last hurrah for my summer clothes. Bright sundresses, all the florals I can find (remember my ode to floral?), and some denim to fulfill the Western cowboy trend.

It’s especially hard to pack for this trip. I want to take every single tank top and sundress I own. Give them their last days of sunshine before the winter winds blow in. I’m only taking a carry-on, though, so I have to be picky.

The even bigger issue is weather: it will be over 100 degrees the whole time I’m there! Fitted clothes and even short sleeves are officially out. Loose boho dresses and flowy tank tops are in.

And since we all suffer from wanderlust and crave a little sunshine, a photo diary will follow when I return. See you then!