This weekend, “Related Videos” on YouTube was my downfall (again). After somehow stumbling on “The X Factor” UK, I was captivated by 16-year-old Cher Lloyd’s audition, where she sang the Keri Hilson version of “Turn My Swag On”. That video started a domino effect, resulting in spending my entire Saturday evening watching her X Factor performances.

Besides her adorable personality and great voice, I was most impressed by Cher’s rapping. Yes—this girl loves to bust a rhyme and make a song her own. It makes sense that many of her performance songs were chosen based on the mix of warbling vocals and rapping, like in “Love The Way You Lie“. But she also mashed-up songs to make them her own, including “No Diggity/Shout” and “The Clapping Song/Get Ur Freak On“.

Eventually, I began looking into Cher’s post-X Factor work. She teamed up with Mike Posner for “With Ur Love”. Posner drops the line, “I don’t even care if you sing my songs wrong,” referring to Cher’s inability to complete his song during the Judges House session on X Factor.

Want U Back” (the video is above) is another single off her album Sticks + Stones that hasn’t been able to leave my head. I’ve even heard it on the radio twice—obviously, I was giddy with excitement and attempted to sing along in a British accent. I can’t wait to see more from this talented young artist!