Though the opening days of February brought abundant sunshine and spring-like 60 degree weather, they proved only to be a tease. The winter month dragged on, and when March rolled in, it was neither a lion nor a lamb. To lift my mood during this dreary time of gray skies and scattered snow flurries, I decided to compile a few of my favorite things.

Genuine laughter, romance, being consumed by a good book, poetic lyrics, wit, cafés, the Beats, magazine advertisements, free spirits, taking pictures, watching films, vinyl records, classical music, lotus flowers, ballerinas,

playing in the rain, the smell of Florida after it rains, being tan, flowers in my hair, watching the clouds, hardwood floors, thunder and lightning, getting snail mail, open windows at night, remembering my dreams, late nights and early mornings,

horses, gerber daisies, movie theater popcorn, art, old photos, avocados, alice in wonderland, pain au chocolat, sea glass, sea shells, sailboats, feathers, fashion, Honduras, the West Coast, Cleveland, cities, France, Eastern cultures, ethnic foods…