One of the first things I noticed when I lived in France was the architecture. Buildings older than the United States make up entire neighorhoods, and surely all of Avignon. I could not help falling in love with one aspect in particular: the shutters.

Les volets et la glycine dans mon jardin.

I stumbled across this window in a small alley.

This building was next to a cafe I passed frequently. The stained-glass windows reminded me of Beauty and the Beast.

Les volets avec des vitraux.

For whatever reason, it seems nearly all the shutters, or les volets, in Avignon were blue. In Uzès, another Provençal city not far away, the majority were red.

Les volets rouges à Uzès.

The shutters and colors of Nice deserve a post of their own. Perhaps I’ll wait for a rainy day. Seeing the bright facades of Nice always adds sunshine to my day!