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Blocking rays with a straw fedora in the French Riviera

Blocking rays with a straw fedora in the French Riviera

The fashion world seems to be celebrating hats this spring, and just in time to protect our pretty faces and winter-fair skin from the impending summer sun.

I was vacationing in Nice, a fabulous city in Côte d’Azur, France. My melatonin was a weak from a long winter of layered clothing and nearly constant gray skies. Here’s a recap of my first sunny adventure of the year:

Day one: sun burn.

Day two: rain and healing.

Days three and four: loads of sunscreen and a straw fedora.

Looking back on pictures, I realized that despite what I always thought, I can pull off a trendy hat! And I’m not alone. The floppy hat, a nostalgic style inspired by timeless beauties such as Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, made an appearance in many Spring 2011 collections, including Hermès, Marc Jacobs, and Tracy Reese. Tabloids and fashion mags are showcasing celebs in hats, such as Sienna Miller rocking a fedora and Kate Hudson styling the floppy hat, and countless models have been seen gracing the pages showing off their head accessories.

So this summer, protect your skin à la mode. But keep in mind, when a French Mistral wind comes sweeping through the Rhône River valley, keep your hat at home!