It was the 83rd Academy Awards: a wonderful night of movie magic, dazzling stars, and awards for the deserving people within the film industry who share with us their captivating skills. Ahh, I love the movies!

Every year, I wish I had seen more of the nominated films. I mean, I still haven’t seen the Blind Side, and it took me almost a year to see Crazy Heart—which I love. So, this year, I vowed to see more movies in theaters (especially if I thought they might be Oscar contenders) and as nominations were being released, was determined to see the front-runners.

I failed.

This is perhaps the reason I am not as excited as my peers over the Oscar-snatching The King’s Speech. Sure, it looks like a great movie, and I really do want to see it. But I didn’t, and there were others that I wanted to win. For example, isn’t it about time David Fincher receives his Oscar for best director? I guess this somehow was again not his year.

Inception, Black Swan, and True Grit were three nominated movies I saw, loved, and wanted to win. For best original screenplay, I was hoping Inception would take the win. The script seems like pure genius to me, but then again, I don’t know how it read on paper. Still, Inception well-deservingly took home Oscars for sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects and of course cinematography.

If there was one award that I hoped Black Swan would grab, it was for Natalie Portman’s leading role. I’m glad the academy agreed with me that Portman’s portrayal of a dedicated ballerina who finally loses herself—in both the good artistic and bad over the edge ways—was an outstanding performance from a talented, young actress.

As for the two lovely hosts for the night, I thought James Franco and Anne Hathaway did a fine job. Hathaway was refreshingly young and energetic. Franco was… well, he is always great to look at. I think he has phenomenal skills and potential, but he has shared in interviews that without reminders to take little naps, he would never sleep at all! So, to all you who think Franco was acting too smug, I really think he just wanted a nap. Oh, and Kirk Douglas… an absolute doll! One of the best parts of the show.

The 83rd Academy Awards were, overall in my opinion, a success. Hopefully next year I will stick to my vow and see all the nominated films that I actually want to see… Maybe.