College is supposed to be training me for my future, and here I am with no TV and a terrible Internet connection. Yes, complete the equation, and I have not been avidly following New York Fashion Week like I should be.

I have, however, gotten a peak at Michael Kors. Ahh, yes, always beloved by the fashion world. I heard some little birdies saying they were unsure of his Spring 2011 line, and I must refute.

I noticed right off the bat his beautiful selection of colors. Bright hibiscus, canary yellow, vivid forest green. The colors were great, as were the lengths. Michael showed a lot of length and flow. Just watching the catwalk instilled a feeling of summer. Je l’adore!

As for some other designers… I absolutely love Lady Gaga. Her quirky, screw-you-I’m-having-fun attitude and attire are hilarious, if you ask me. She is an entrepreneur and an entertainer. But her fashion needs to stay on her and off the runway!

Fashion should always have an element of wearability. So forget going Gaga on the runway, girls across the country simply should not aspire to dress that way. Michael Kors was a breath of fresh air and a burst of my favorite palette.